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Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Author: Nick Adnitt
Version: June 2004


The running and administration of the Andover Wheelers cycle racing club depends on a committee of elected officers as stated in the club rules and constitution. This document details the roles and responsibilities of elected club officers.

All positions are voluntary, honorary and therefore unpaid.

The acceptance of and election to a club officer position commits a member to a number of responsibilities for the post but it does not make them accountable.

A club officer may resign for any reason and should do so in writing to the club chairman. An extraordinary general meeting may be convened depending on the number of remaining officers and the amount of time left until the next AGM to elect replacements.

Any member may attend a club committee meeting on request as a passive observer, but may not vote on club issues.

Any member may speak at a committee meeting following a written request to the club chairman or secretary indicating their concerns.

Any member may submit written questions or discussion topics to the club committee to be included on the next meeting agenda.

Any member may have access to club committee meetings on request

The Committee

The club officers will convene at regular meeting under the auspices of a committee according to the Andover Wheelers club rule 4b.

The club can not run without a committee as stated in the rule 4a:

 “The Club shall be governed by a Committee consisting of the following Officers of the Club: The Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Racing Secretary, Captain and other Members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Five shall form a quorum for the transaction of business.”

The committee will ratify applications for membership pending any objections from club members, reasonable doubt as to the validity of the membership or the integrity of the rider.

The Chairman

The chairman shall:

  • ensure that regular committee meetings are held at least every six weeks during the year.
  • support and ensure that club officers fulfil their duties.
  • ensure fair and democratic voting at club meetings.
  • chair club committee meetings and the Annual General meeting and ensure officers are elected to the committee.
  • officially represent the club as required.
  • arbitrate in any internal club dispute.
  • host the Andover Wheelers annual prize giving dinner.
  • ensure the club is run under its rules and constitution.

Honorary Secretary

The secretary shall:

  • record and maintain club records, documents, communications and membership details.
  • receive club correspondence and communicate to club members in a timely fashion as appropriate.
  • ensure that an agenda for committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting is available .
  • ensure that full and accurate records of all club committee meetings, Annual General Meeting and any other official club meeting.
  • receive BC racing licenses on behalf of club riders and send them on.
  • produce reports as directed by the committee.
  • manage and maintain club affiliations.

Honorary Treasurer

The treasurer shall:

  • be responsible for the financial control of club finances including bank accounts, building society accounts and cash.
  • ensure that accurate records are kept of all club financial transactions.
  • ensure that the club accounts are independently audited annually.
  • prepare a club financial statement at the end of each financial year to be reported at the AGM.
  • prepare regular financial statements, reports and returns to the committee.
  • manage the club cheque books ensure the maintenance of necessary signatories for club cheques.
  • receive and take charge of monies on behalf of the club and bank as appropriate.
  • liase and offer financial assistance and advice upon request, from club event promoters.
  • ensure officers maintain proper accounts for financial transactions on behalf of the club

Honorary Race Secretary

The race secretary shall:

  • ensure the time taken for all individual riders to complete club promoted events is accurately recorded.
  • encourage and train members to become registered time keepers.
  • ensure club courses are risk assessed and recorded to accepted CT standards.
  • compile and run a comprehensive club time trial programme.
  • ensure that club open time trials are run in accordance with national and district rules and regulations.
  • record club records at standard time trial distances and on club courses according to club rule 13a.
  • provide help and advice to promoters of club events upon request.
  • maintain club racing number sets.
  • maintain club timing devices.
  • maintain club course signage.
  • compile and maintain accurate inventory of club equipment.
  • compile and maintain accurate inventory of club trophies.
  • ensure necessary entry fees and levies are collected and passed to club treasurer for club events.
  • ensure riders are signed on before participating in club events.
  • store and maintain club medals and certificates.
  • maintain supply of race literature and official forms.
  • ensure gear measurements for club medium gear time trial event.
  • calculate and set appropriate rider handicaps for such events.
  • arrange inter-club events.
  • solicit help and support as and when needed.
  • collate list of club trophy winners, names, times and dates for annual prize giving.
  • arrange for necessary engraving of trophies and medals.

Club Captain

The club captain will:

  • be the accepted authority for club rides and ensure acceptable behaviour and safety.
  • be responsible for discipline whilst on the bike.
  • set a good example and promote and nurture general club discipline.
  • handle complaints from riders and escalate as appropriate.
  • accept new members on probation until membership is formally ratified by the committee.

Club Vice Captain

The club vice captain will:

  • actively support the club captain.
  • deputise and assume the role of club captain in his absence.

Club Coach

The club coach/es will:

  • offer help and advice to other riders as requested.
  • will arrange ad-hoc club coaching sessions as required.
  • ensure they take advantage of professional training as appropriate, agreed by the committee who will sanction club funding. Club funding may require a personal commitment by the coach to ensure the club receive a return on investment.
  • submit regular status and progress reports to the committee.

Club PR Officer

The club PR offices will:

  • exploit any PR opportunity through various mass media to raise club profile and promote positive news exposure.
  • make regular reports to the committee.
  • ensure the publication and distribution of a club printed newsletter at least every quarter to every member address.
  • encourage club members to contribute news content for publication.
  • foster community liaison links.
  • ensure Andover Wheelers is included in any club and organisation list, local to the area
  • investigate possible opportunities for sponsorship.
  • promote and assist in club member recruitment initiatives.

Club Clothing Secretary

The club clothing secretary will:

  • promote the availability of club clothing to all members.
  • take orders for club clothing from members.
  • order, receive and manage stock of club clothing.
  • ensure that all monies are received for club clothing.

Ladies Representative

The ladies representative will:

  • regularly liase with lady club members to ensure their views and issues are known.
  • represent the views and interests of lady members.
  • communicate relevant club information to lady members.

Rider’s Representative

The club riders representative will:

  • regularly liase with club riders to ensure their views and issues are known.
  • represent any specific views and interests of the riders.
  • communicate relevant club information to lady members.
  • actively encourage non-affiliated competitive cyclist to join the club.

Club Officer

The club officer will be any member who strongly feels that they should have a voice on the committee but does not fill a specific title. They will have to be voted on at the AGM.

Club Members

An Andover Wheeler will:

  • pay annual subscription fees.
  • not have a vote on the committee unless they are an elected member.
  • actively support the club and promote it in a positive light.
  • attend the AGM.
  • attend the annual club dinner and prize giving.
  • provide services as time trial marshal, time keeper, pusher-off and other duties at club promoted time trials, races and events.
  • support the club as requested
  • behave in a mature and appropriate manner whilst riding under the club colours.