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Clanvile 10

Course Code:    P604c

Distance:    10 miles

Short Description:  Tangley – Clanville – Penton – Hatherden – Hatherden – Tangley

Event HQ:   Fox Public House Car Park

Map Details:   Ordnance Survey – Landranger Series Sheet 185

Aprés Course:  Fox Public House, Tangley SP11 0RU

Safe Route To The Start and From The Finish

Usual HQ is between the Start and Finish points.


Course Description

START Just pasts junction of Hungerford Lane and Track (Clarks Lane) on left (SU326541). Process north towards Hampshire Gate. Turn left into Clanville road. Head towards Weyhill Bottom. Turn left towards Penton and Foxcotte. At the roundabout turn left, proceed east towards roundabout turn left to Hatherden. Follow road to finish at Tangley. FINISH 30yds short of the Fox Public House (SU334518).