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Club Rides

The Andover Wheelers hold regularly run weekly rides catering for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Saturday morning rides are steady for the beginner/novice rider, whilst the Sunday morning rides are longer in length and faster in speed  for the more experienced rider.

All Andover Wheelers' rides are open to both members and non-members, but we request that you make yourself aware of  the Code of Conduct when riding with the Andover Wheelers.

Please note that any riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian.

Saturday Beginner's Ride

When: Every Saturday

Where: The Car Park behind the Portway Inn, Andover, Hampshire

Time: 09:30

Rider Level: Beginner

Distance: 30-40 miles

Cost: Free

The saturday ride is aimed at new/youths/novice riders and will be of two hours duration. If there are sufficent ladies then a separate Ladies ride may also be ran, which we intend to have only one experienced rider (who may be a male) to attend to assist in case of punctures/mechanicals etc. We will alternate this weekly so it's not the same rider.

The ride will be lead by a Ride Leader, who will be assisted by a Back Marker who will ensure that:

 "Nobody gets left behind!"

Sunday Club Run

When: Every Sunday from 21st October 2018

Where: The Guildhall,  Andover, Hampshire
(Except the Christmas Club run and the Freewheel  Champs)

Time: 09:00 (Except the Christmas Club run/Freewheel  Champs)

Rider Level: Intermediate

Distance: 50 - 80 miles

Cost: Free

The route will vary from week to week and will by determined by the Club Captain. Routes will be posted on the club website with accompanying GPS files for those with GPS navigation devices. There will be the obligatory cake stop on the rides leading up to Christmas. The ride aims to cover 50-80 miles at the most at a sporting pace.

These rides can be quite quick. They will only stop briefly and occasionally to re-group, or for punctures/mechanicals so you do need to be comfortable with the possibility of needing to find your bearings if you miss the re-groupment. If you do have a puncture or mechanical problem SHOUT out to the other riders or they will not know you have a problem and may not wait.

If large groups attend then will sometimes the group will split into a slower and faster groups depending on numbers and who's out. If this happens then it's down to the riders on the day to organise the ride into appropriate groups.

During the late sping and summer months during the racing season, these formal runs do not take place. But If you turn up at the Guildhall at 9am on a Sunday during this period you may find that other club members have also had the same idea.  Also, keep an eye on our Twitter feed as this may announce any unplanned Sunday Rides.

Route Description
Tea Stop
16th Dec 2018
Watership Down - Kingsclere - Hannington - Ashe - Popham - Micheldever - Bullington - Middleway
45 Hilly Miles
23rd Dec 2018
Christmas Club Run & Freewheel Championship.  More details to follow
30th Dec 2018
50 Miles in 3 Hours, or 50 Miles in 3.5 Hours.  More details to follow
6th Jan 2019
Watership Down Audax - Enter via the Audax Webiste Here


Please read the following carefully with regards to the equipment you should bring on a club ride:


  • Preferably a road-bike with drop handlebars
  • Gears shifting reliably
  • Wheels straight and true
  • Brakes effective
  • Tyres properly inflated (90-100psi for a 23mm-wide road tyre)


Your clothing should be appropriate for the weather condition, but a minimum should consist of the following:
  • A cycle jersey with pockets (you need quick access to your food, we don't stop for long).
  • Padded shorts or tights.
  • A rain jacket if it looks like it might be wet.
  • Please no backpacks, heavy locks etc. you should intend to travel light!
The Andover Wheelers strongly recommend the wearing of a correctly fitting approved Cycle Helmet.

Food & drink

  • At least one water bottle. Two if it looks like being very hot.
  • A couple of energy bars or gels (to be nibbled at each time we stop).

Other items

  • A bike multi-tool
  • Two spare inner tubes , and tyre levers (usually kept in a pack beneath your saddle).
  • Pump.
  • Money for coffee/food at the end.
  • ICE Details (RoadID or ICEID are good for this) with details of any medical conditions/allergies etc.